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The Clone Wars - Season Five Discussion Thread

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I have to say, I think Eminence was the best episode so far this season.  Maul and Savage are a force to be reckoned with.  Their scheming against the Mandalorians, all while building an alliance with them, really gets to the heart of the Sith identity.  Using a potential adversary for your own gain, all while planning on betraying them in the long term makes Darth Maul look like a far more sophisticated character than we ever saw in The Phantom Menace.

I definitely enjoyed watching Maul, Savage and the Death Watch going to Mustafar to meet with Black Sun.  Bringing the Falleen & Black Sun in to the mix was a very nice nod to Xizor from Shadows of the Empire.  And if you're a fan of the comics it was also a cool callback to the Dark Horse limited series that featured Darth Maul taking on Black Sun prior to the events of The Phantom Menace.

....And then they take on the Hutt crime families?  That was pretty amazing.  First they go to Nal Hutta, which is a major EU gem.  Yeah, I know the show has gone there before, but this time it just had a bit more gravity.  Plus, the combined Sith / Death Watch / Black Sun forces attack Jabba's Palace on Tatooine?

My only gripe here?  That we had to sit through that terrible Onderon arc, and the first half of the D-Squad arc to get here.

Maul is building a team based on fear, Vizla doubts of his project in the end of this chapter.

Action was ok, but showed with haste (sometimes fights were na´ves, like kung fu operas)

when Black Sun and Jabba are free from menace they turn in Maul┤s favor. (the gangs alliance looks questionable)

Seems for credibility, Mandalores must left garrisons in both places (a detail missing in the episode)

Hope if they use Dengar again, they won┤t show him as a runner. Always that guys in turbant vendage seemes mysteryous.

Jabba the Slug:

--- Quote from: Nicklab on January 20, 2013, 11:15 AM ---Using a potential adversary for your own gain, all while planning on betraying them in the long term makes Darth Maul look like a far more sophisticated character than we ever saw in The Phantom Menace.

--- End quote ---

I agree with you x10 on this one, and that's why I think Filoni and the crew are finally doing Maul's return some significant justice. A lot of the original thing with Maul in Episode I was that he was pretty much a one-dimensional character because he looked so badass, but honestly we didn't know anything about the dude or his own personal morale. Now that there's a chance to develop him, it really proves that he really is still that evil badass, and he's truly a Sith at heart.

The scene after this cut scene makes more sense now.

I was wondering why they asked the greeter to make the decision.

Jesse James:
This was a much more fun episode than, well, anything this season...  It was a good episode in general, but I still largely prefer a lot of other past season's episodes over this one.  I'd maybe put it top 10 out of the entire series though, but I'd have to go back and think about that a bit.

I have some issues like others mentioned...  Finding the Maul brothers adrift, kinda weird and unlikely but whatever.  I can live with that.  A little more annoyed at the zippy pace they took with this week's episode more than anything.  Felt like they crammed way too much into a short time.

I didn't care for Jabba being made look weak, IMO, by episode's end.  Kind of diminishes his character to me some.  I always liked that he basically laughed in the face of danger.  Now he seems weak I guess.

I loved the Mando's, and I really feel like this series has missed a chance to take them and make that whole arc a much more compelling and important story in the overall Clone Wars themselves.  A missed chance, IMO, as the series has what I feel is a quickly diminishing shelf life at this stage of the game.  Instead the Mando's are involved in an almost wholely separate conflict.  I just don't like that, and feel it was a bad direction.  Yet more of the series called The Clone Wars being about anything but The Clone Wars, to me.

I liked the Younglings arc (despite it sort of deviating from the war as well), so I can't say this is the only episode this season I enjoyed, but it's been pretty slim pickings so far.  I did enjoy this one a bit though and look forward to next week a bit more.


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