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The Clone Wars - Season Five Discussion Thread

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Almost makes you wish they would have fleshed this story out to last the entire season. I feel like I would pay to watch Star Wars the Mandolorian Wars.

Jabba the Slug:
According to Wookiepedia, this season is only going to be 20 episodes long, as opposed to the normal 22 episodes.

After this Maul/Mandalore arc, which has one episode left, is the Ahsoka 4-episode arc, which I guess will be the finale for this season. It seems anyways that this last arc is also very climatic as well as being hugely important for Ahsoka; Filoni had always mentioned that by saying something important would happen to her this season.

I always thought that there was something off about the second trailer for this season - it had a lot of material that we haven't seen yet, and with all of the arcs being mostly 4-parters, I always wondered how they would fit all of these episodes into this season. For example, it looks like the Clovis arc has been eliminated (which, in the trailer, showed Anakin beating him up in front of Padme) and also whatever episode(s) would have Embo trying to assassinate Padme (like in the snow chase scene from the trailer). 

Too bad Filoni didn't do away with the whole terrible D-Squad arc and free up four episode slots for the eliminated episodes. I wonder if they'll be in Season 6.

Sweet Jesus, i can't believe we wasted 4 tediously dragged-out episodes with Colonel Froglegs and then have to rush through all the total badassery like they have been doing. This could have easily been a 4 episode arc, and yeah I know there is one more to go but sheesh! It was like their whole epic crime spree occured in about twenty minutes, I mean literally.

It's hard not to dig on Clancy Brown, Sam Witwer and Jon Favreau throwing down...some A-list talent there. Adios Pre Vizsla, may your untimely exit not impede our chances for an updated animated figure this year!

That was a pretty sweet duel, no doubt, but I don't see why Maul just didn't just force choke him or whatever. Not good theatre I guess. I kept wondering "how does this guy keep going toe to toe with Maul when Kenobi was getting pwned last time?" I LOVE the Vorpal Saber, that thing is sickly animated.

How cool are the freaking Pykes?!?! Damn, I want one of those now. Ditto Black Sun dudes, Bo Katan, etc ad infinitum...

If nothing else, it seems clear the show can be pretty freaking awesome with no clones, no Jedi. Hats off to Filoni for getting the groove back~

Nice episode "Shadows of reason"

Funny to watch  ;D

Maul ambition is growing bigger as he is an improvised tyrant for Mandalore

About Pre Vizla death, it makes Death Watcha looks headless, alienated to a different band (sith, dathomir, renegade warriors)

Only one flaw in the combat between these dudes: Maul could be more kung fu proficient, but it is not credible he kick pushed
so powerfully Vizla in the air, while he was high flying and at full speed of his jet pack.

For the upcoming battle among Sidious and the horned brothers,
I can say one of these devils would die, if not both; perhaps Savage Opress
will get stabbed many times by Palpatine.

As Maul returned to life, however in the end of Episode I, Windu said they made an analysis of his heart... and why they didnīt incinerate the body, where it was buried or preserved?

Palpatine can collect the Maul and Savage bodies to clone and manipulate them, as Force Unleashed proposed this use of
Starkiller Galen Malek.

Jesse James:
A much better episode...  I liked how it played out.

Ultimately it feels a little like Lucas reaching to "fix" The Phantom Menace...  Making something that actually seems more evolved than his movie, out of a few episodes of a cartoon, is kind of sad.   :-X  It has a very TPM'y feel to it though, in that it's the whole "who's orchestrating this?" vibe going on...  I kind of hope they acknowledge that similar premise when you-know-who decides to put a stop to the Sith silliness going on and get the war back on track.

Hate when you hit speedbumps like your dead apprentice coming back and being competent.


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