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Indiana Jones Blu-Ray pre-order.

E.T. coming this year as well (October):


--- Quote from: Brian on May 30, 2012, 12:13 PM ---E.T. coming this year as well (October):

--- End quote ---

That must explain why I saw new ET toys at TRU last maybe not.

So, who's picking up Avengers today/this week?  I grabbed it at Target this morning, which although the price tags said $24.99, the 3D/Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy pack actually rang up at $19.99 - if anyone is interested.  We don't have a 3D TV, but I'd like to a have a digital copy and at that price I can't complain.  Plus, you get the soundtrack too (digital) if you're interested and an exclusive (Target) disc - "Building a Cinematic Universe".  I've read that WM has the Avengers: Season One graphic novel as their exclusive.  Can't wait to watch this one again.

I picked up the Collector's Set at Best Buy.


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