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Picked up Skyfall today - anyone else?

Nope, but I did buy Heavy Metal on Blu-Ray for $10. What can I say? Good nyborg.


Snively Bandar:

--- Quote from: Jayson on February 12, 2013, 03:04 PM ---Picked up Skyfall today - anyone else?
--- End quote ---

But of course!  That beautiful 50th anniversary boxset felt a tad incomplete without the biggest earner of the bunch.  The question is, will I have the cojones to put the Skyfall disc into the empty slot in the boxset, or will I leave it in it's regular BD case.  Hmmm...

--- Quote from: iFett on January 21, 2013, 11:00 AM ---Finally took advantage of that $5 off Blu buyback program at Best Buy since I have most of collection out on display finally, but I ended up upgrading older DVD versions of other discs which was not my intention.  Hopefully on my next round or six I'll stick to new titles only that I don't have.
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I went a little overboard on BB's most recent U&S promotion, to the tune of 61 titles.  It's just too much fun watching the BD collection grow while the DVD collection shrinks.  It really helped to have access to their Express Lane this time, which is where I ordered more than half of them (all the $9.99 stuff that's on their website, but never in the stores).  Looking forward to the next go 'round in April!  Hasbro sure is losing a LOT of my regularly allotted Star Wars money to Blu-rays now...


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