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--- Quote from: Master_Phruby on October 10, 2012, 11:12 AM ---
--- Quote from: Diddly on October  9, 2012, 11:38 AM ---ET hits Blu-Ray today. Can somebody explain why Spielberg digitally edited the walkie talkies into shotguns? Changing my childhood


--- End quote ---

I could have sworn Spielberg removed the digital walkie talkies recently. I believe the bluray has the shotguns.

However, Elliott now says p__ breath six more times in the movie.

--- End quote ---

They did get rid of the Walkie Talkies, I was merely joking because the first time I saw ET was the 20th Anniversary Edition when I was 13. So I "grew up with walkie talkies"

Qui-Gon Jim:
Heads up for any interested...  It looks like WalMart has Brave on BD for under $9 on BF...

Finally watched Cabin in the Woods this weekend courtesy of Red Box. I thought it was really entertaining. Loved the ending. Loved all the Dollhouse alums. Two thumbs way up!

Scored the Nolan Batman 3 pack today since I needed the other two on Blu-Ray. Best Buy has a bonus documentary with the 3 pack and their exclusive Steelbook case. Target had an exclusive holographic Bane case that came with a comic. Wal-Mart got no exclusives.

Best price was $18 at Target

Finally took advantage of that $5 off Blu buyback program at Best Buy since I have most of collection out on display finally, but I ended up upgrading older DVD versions of other discs which was not my intention.

Hopefully on my next round or six I'll stick to new titles only that I don't have.


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