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Ah, ok. Well, so far I like the look of it...but I've been excited for Star Wars games in the past, only to be disappointed. Though I did have a blast with some of the games where you weren't a jedi. I played the hell out of Bounty Hunter, even though it wasn't amazing. And I enjoyed Republic Commando too.

Jesse James:
So not sounding good on this front because of the type of game it is...

I actually thought at the time of its announcement that this might get a mature rating, and thus Hasbro and LFL may shy away from toy tie-ins.  I mean, they took away a snarling face on Teebo...  They're anal about this stuff.

So yeah, I'm kind of NOT shocked, but kind of am too...  new properties, and with them claiming TFU was popular and them continuiing to dip into that pool even this year, I'm kind a little surprised I guess that they're not planning SOMETHING.  At least it sounds like a Battlepack might happen, probably depending on the popularity of the game.

Come to think of it I wonder if they're not waiting just to see how the game does...  Looks pretty but LA's track record in the last good while is shaky.

Oh well, I would still buy figs from this game.


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