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Hey Brent,

I know you sent out the invites, but we don't seem to have a thread.  I wanted to start one so I'd have a good place to ask if we could move the draft back from Wednesday to Tuesday or Monday.  Marin, Patrick, and I are heading out of town for the holiday weekend on Wednesday and would all have to miss it.

Any of those dates work fine for me.  Thanks for setting this up well in advance, Brent!

Hmm.  Rob asking for a draft to move.  Now that's novel.  Have some frickin' kids so your life is full of less freedom.  >:D

I'm fine with Tuesday or whatever.  Any conflicts from anyone else?

Also sorry for not starting a thread, I just figured we'd get all the usual suspects back from last year anyway. 

Ha, at least I'm asking 86 days in advance this time.


Oh man... not yet.

Nah, I'm just kidding about the kids.  Lots of time to have them.  I'm just jealous though I'm conceivably only six years from my daughter leaving home  :o


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