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Thanks.  Just wanted to make sure I'm employing proper waiver strategy.


Incidentally with the news that the NFL is instituting a form of injured reserve I looked to see if I could add an IR spot to our rosters.  Unfortunately I can't make that change once we've drafted so I'm not sure if it actually exists.  I'll add it next year assuming the Mayans were wrong. 

Hard to believe there wasn't a single post in this thread all season long...

Great season everybody. It was a fun one.

Congrats team went from on fire to ice losing all three playoff games.  Shouldn't have probably traded Cam when I did...he sucked up until then and I really thought Eli would turn it on again which he didn't

Good showing, Ryan!  Your team got hot when you needed them to.  I'm still cringing about RG3 being out on week 15.  That might have been the difference between 1st place and 3rd place for my squad.  Either way, congratulations!


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