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NHL Offseason 2012

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Jesse James:
I'm just going nuts.  Honestly, I saw a pick up hockey game on a tennis court and almost stopped and set up a folding chair.


--- Quote from: Morgbug on November 14, 2012, 10:15 PM ---If the season goes, Phoenix will most likely fold or relocate.  If it relocates, the players are ok, but ya think Shane Doan is going to want to go to Quebec City? 
--- End quote ---

I agree with you.. mostly. 

When you add in the lockout plus the "**** You Coyotes trying to take our public money" attitude of the new mayor in Glendale, I really don't see a way for them to stay.  Without the sweetheart arena deal, it makes no sense...

I disagree with you on Doan having to learn French though.  Everyone knows that America-loving Bettman will send the Coyotes north to Seattle and then make Hamilton/Toronto2 and Le Quebecors pay through the nose for their expansion teams.  Screw you again, Canada! ;)

--- Quote from: Jesse James on November 14, 2012, 10:51 PM ---I'm just going nuts.  Honestly, I saw a pick up hockey game on a tennis court and almost stopped and set up a folding chair.
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I miss the Wild, but with all this college hockey around me, I'm not too starved.  Plus, the Wild are dragging the Houston Aeros up here for a game this weekend.  They gave out comp tickets to all the season ticket holders (to fill the building and make money off our popcorn, beer sales), so I'll be checking that out this weekend.  Will be nice to see some of the up-and-coming kids, though Granlund and Brodin are hurt and will likely miss the game. :(


--- Quote from: Morgbug on November 14, 2012, 10:15 PM ---Bah, enough ranting.  Anyone figure the players are clever enough to understand this: Lock out clock.  Whatever Fehr put in the kool-aid is pretty potent

--- End quote ---

I've only been checking in on this thread once in a while since I'm not a serious NHL fan.  But when I saw Donald Fehr's name mentioned, I had to do a double take.  I had no idea that this guy had become the head of the NHLPA.  I knew him from his role with the MLBPA and the last round of collective bargaining talks between baseball's owners and the player's association.

Fehr definitely plays hardball with the owners.  He did that in the MLB talks.  And that's no doubt why the NHLPA sought out his services.  But I can't help but think that his style of negotiations may not work with the NHL owners.  No offense to hockey fans or players, but baseball has a significantly larger audience in the U.S. than hockey.  And with that larger audience and popularity comes more leverage.  But for the NHL, I think Brent hit the nail on the head with how the owners regard their teams.  The NHL may have over-expanded the number of franchises, and contraction is looking like a real possibility.  Or at least retreat to safer northern / Canadian markets like Quebec.  Fehr's negotiating style could elicit a response from the owners that may not be to the ultimate benefit of the players.  He needs to get them playing & working again.

Depressing. I never thought I might see a new Star Wars movie before my next NHL game.

God I hate Donald Fehr.


Never seen Bettman so pissed off.  I'm thinking the NHLPA may have made a very serious error in judgement.  Even the owner of the Jets is pissed off. 


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