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Tiered Shelving (The Spice Rack Thread)

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Jesse James:
Found these at Wal-Mart recently, and decided they'd make a nice story for someone looking for something cheap, fairly efficient and customizable right out of the box, and which had the potential for expanded customizability without a lot of effort (IE: A quick spraypaint job to make it more Star Warsy).

Clicky to go to the story!

I've bought a couple...  I've already got some simple customizing ideas for this particular spice rack, but I was thinking you could customize each one to any specific environment with minimal effort...  I have a pretty elaborate plan for one that I really hope to get done, but I'm not quite sure how I'm going to go about it just yet.  :)

Great post, I am going to look for these today...thanks!

Jesse James:
Thanks McMetal.

I got one and thought maybe it'd be a good idea to share with the world what I'd found...  Almost nabbed a few more tonight but didn't feel like waiting in line.  I do have some cool plans for thme though but probably should focus on finishing the shelves first.  ::)  Sucks having your priorities out of whack.


I think ole JediMAC first tipped me off to these babies over at GH...they work real swell and glad to see they are still around

I actually saw some of these today at Target.  I was tempted to revisit the idea.  I had tried them out a few years ago, but I wasn't too happy with them at the time.  Anyhow, I need to get my collection room shelving in order before I do something like this.


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