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Tiered Shelving (The Spice Rack Thread)

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--- Quote from: Nicklab on July  9, 2012, 10:49 PM ---
--- Quote from: JediJman on July  9, 2012, 01:56 PM ---I looked for these at two Wal-Marts over the weekend and couldn't find them anywhere.  They should be in the Home section with dishes and such, right?   :P

--- End quote ---

Try Target.  I found them in the kitchen accessory area, near some stuff like dish drainers.

--- End quote ---

Thanks - I will look for them.  How much were they at Target?

Not certain, but I definitely saw them there.  And they were right on a main aisle in the store where I saw them.

Jesse James:
I picked up 3 tonight at WM...  Wanna get moving on them while I'mt hinking of it.

There was also a great 2-level swingin' suzy (lazy susan) I picked up for $6 as a paint tray for my customizing desk...  paint's often difficult to rack up in a convenient way and I'm gonna test this out to see if it's good for me or if I'll take it back.


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