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12" Sideshow SNowtrooper AND Friggin' E-Web Cannon!

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Jesse James:
Oh my.






Seriously though, I'm tempted on at least the trooper.  I really like that one.  Very well done, detailed, lots of good gear too with the extra rifle the exclusive guy has.  A nice nod there.

May cave here.  Between him, Bossk, and IG-88, I'm really looking at getting something soon.

Wow, remember when these things were only like $50?  Great figure, but when they put the words "Payment Plan" next to the price it becomes so much easier for me to resist.  The cannon is very cool, but ridiculous to ask the same price as the figure for it.

Jesse James:
Yeah I'm leaning towards figure, and not the gun, but it'll be tough to pass on for me.

Payment Plan actually makes me look at it as an easier pill to swallow...  Something about plunking $150 down all at once makes me walk away, but $50 a month and suddenly I don't care.  It's like Wal-Mart's old lay-away...  It was free, and for some reason it made me not care as much, but it didn't cost any extra.  It always felt like budgeting the line was a little easier.

$150's not cheap though...  I attribute it to the short production runs though, and the unique parts that can't really be re-used much.  Bossk for isntance, or IG-88...  tough to reuse that stuff.

Oh, I totally think the Payment Plan is a nice offer and budgeting purchases is smarter than the ad hoc spending I do.  It's just that I associate payment plans with cars and appliances and other big, expensive things that I'd mostly rather not be buying.  Seeing that offered up for a figure is just a big old reminder that I should probably be doing something else with that money.   ;)

Jesse James:
At least they haven't put an interest rate on it (yet  :-X)!

Yeah, when APY's come in, I think they'd be off the table for me again, haha.  I'm currently, very strongly, eyeing up Bossk, IG-88, and Snowtrooper for purchase...  Not sure where to go first though.


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