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12" Sideshow SNowtrooper AND Friggin' E-Web Cannon!

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I got my E-Web Cannon, I can't wait to pose the Snowtrooper with it!

Jayson's got some kickass photos:

Jesse James:
Just curious Jesse, but does the tripod fold up?  Do the pistons slide into each other and it sort of compresses?

The legs are articulated with moving pistons and pivoting feet and you can slightly decrease the overall footprint of the tripod giving a bit more elevation, but unfortunately, it doesn't collapse totally which would have really kicked all kinds of ass.

Jesse James:
Thanks Jayson!

I was looking at your photos, couldn't tell if it collapsed totally or what.  It's plastic right?  Or resin?  Resin would explain any collapsability limitations I think.

The lower supports on each leg are METAL so the chances of this warping over time are about zero. The upper struts are pistons and are just that - pistons - where the lower part travels inside of the outer beefer tube. The square "stabilizer" that ties the front leg to the back of the main body of the tripod is also designed as a piston.

As for the gun portion, it looks to a have a thumb activated trigger to fire the thing in the right grip/handle, but it is just for looks and doesn't depress. I thought the red viewscreen on the back was nice touch when it could have easily be painted, but what is also surprising is that there is a red lens on the front of the "sight" as well. When I first saw it, I searched high and low for some switch I could flip to illuminate this thing but like the trigger, it is also for show.

Sideshow is about 99% of the way there I think but there are some design aspects that would prevent it from collapsing. Ultimately, it would be better if each leg was removable.

What is also funny about this is I expected the power generator to open* just like the Kenner toy. If there was one complaint about the generator is the lack of substantial handles for the troopers to carry it. It'll be a bitch to have a couple of guys to "move" this thing around with its current design.

The whole damn thing is quite a beautiful piece of engineering though and, dare I say, a repeat purchase.

*If one is so inclined, you can gently pry the lid off the top to expose the inside of the power generator. I'm positive that this isn't an intended feature - but it is a fun discovery.  :P


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