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Jesse James:
I initially wasn't on board with R2 as well, but here's why...  It's a Droid Factory R2, not ROTS...  The figure it's based on from ROTS had oil smudges and "glow" from the fire it started on the SBD's...

I actually appreciated this clean flying R2 a lot more when I realized it won't have the paint effects of the 30AC figure.

If the Sandtrooper has the new fold-out E-11 blaster, I'd really appreciate it a lot more, but so far no pics seem to indicate that.  It would make sense since the Wave 6 Vinty one will have that gun though, so we can hope anyway.

I think the figures in this wave all look very well done, but I just have troubles mustering much excitement for clones and droids anymore.  I'm happy enough with the previous clonetroopers (and droids for that matter), and I don't necessarily need or want any more.  I'm ok with upgrades to main characters if it improves the figure, but some of these had previous versions that were pretty good already.  I still like seeing OT figures like the Biker Scout, Sandtrooper, and TIE Pilot - but I do already have 10+ of most of the previous versions of these already (well, not the TIE Pilot, but others) that I'm pretty happy with.  All that said, I'll probably buy the wave to get the build a droids, but aside from that I could make some pretty considerable cut backs next year (which is tempting).  I still love the hobby, and the figures, but more and more I'm starting to gravitate towards OT only and in a PT movie year, things can be pretty light.  The Padme and Anakin do look nice though, and I'll grab those for sure.

darth broem 2:
I "like" most of the figures.  I will pick up most of them.  Then I'm sure there will be 2 or 3 I have to get to complete the BAD droids.  I actually like the Sandtrooper myself. 

look who just hit ebay:

Jesse James:
Usually a good sign on production at least haha.


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