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Droid Factory returns for 2013!

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I wonder which BADs they'll reveal?

Jesse James:
I'm wagering they'll make use of the new dome sculpt...  I'd not be shocked to see some of the tougher BAD's to track down making some kind of reappearance.

darth broem 2:
Hopefully they announce what some of the BADs are going to be.  I am kind of hoping for a new EV-9D9.    She seems like a good canidate for this.  Although I would have rather seen it on a vinty card.

If they decide to do this with the Clone Wars line, there are a ton of good candidates. Personally, I want my Betty Droid, dammit.  ;D

Glad to hear!  Just don't want to start buying figures again for the droid bits....ugh


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