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Droid Factory returns for 2013!

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I really want to be done after the vintage collection, i hope this doesnt pull me back in. The 3 figures shown dont excite me yet, so far still good.

I've given up on having "one of each" this year, as there were many new figures that were hard to get, that I really had no connection to.  Such as any video game or novel character.  Now, if I saw them in retail, I'd buy them.  Bust since I've been going to ebay and paying 12-15 a fig, I'm only buying what I really want.  While I feel good being in control of what I purchase, it's a bad sign for Hasbro when a total die-hard like myself gives up.

Jesse James:
I'm hoping for BAD's of...

-8D8 (got a lot of parts right?)
-Maybe HK47 re-release as he was tough to get for many, and very popular
-New Astromech Domes
-Any straggler astromechs from any of the 6 films
-The Red/White/Blue R3 from Hoth (I like it but the one they have has a permanent 3rd leg)
-Betty Droid
-Wouldn't Guri be cool to come out in this line?  Weirder choice but if her pegs were actually wiring sculpts, that'd be neat I think.
-Some more 3PO protocol droid colors...  white red and gold are it that we have right?  I'd be ok with more.

I'd also like to see some revisited stuff like the CZ droids or something.  EU Droids always have my attention too.  I just love droids, and the entire BAD concept of getting a figure if you buy the whole wave.  It lessens the sting, and honestly, I'd rather get something out of the purchase other than a pretty cardback.  Vintage has been real, and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun sometimes, and so I'm ready for a slight change in bang for my buck.

I'd like R2-A5 from Mos Eisley, EV and 8D8 would be about 2-1B?

Jesse James:
Oh...  Forgot about him.  Not a bad choice.  Maybe a rebranded name and call him the Home One 2-1B guy?


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