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2012 Summer Olympics

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Who's watching what?

I'll watch the swim events when I can as well as track & field.  Hard to do without spoilers because NBC's coverage is horrendous!

My wife is obsessed with the Olympics.  So even though I rarely sit down to tune in, I see a ton of it.  We've got cycling on right now.

I'm sorta geeked, because I like that there is stuff on at all hours seemingly. Watched the US Women stomp Colombia in soccer earlier today, that was fun.

Our neighbor's sister is competing in the javelin event, so we def have a rooting interest there.

WTF was up with that opening ceremony by the way? That was the most incomprehensible mess I've ever witnessed, I literally had no idea what I was watching for most of it.


--- Quote from: Matt_Fury on July 28, 2012, 11:13 AM ---Who's watching what?

I'll watch the swim events when I can as well as track & field.  Hard to do without spoilers because NBC's coverage is horrendous!

--- End quote ---

We're in an age of social media, and there's a 6 hour time difference from the UK to the Eastern Time Zone.  There were bound to be spoilers on some of these events.  Millions of people in Europe were live tweeting during the opening ceremony yesterday.  Almost all of the surprise was lost.

What's the alternative?  Air the events live when people are asleep?  Or expect the audience to get up early so that they can watch the Shotput competition at 5 AM?  The events that are in primetime in the UK are something that people in the US could watch live, but you would probably lose a lot of the audience.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a US broadcaster that could provide Olympic content on so many different platforms, too.  Just doing some channel surfing, I was able to find Olympic coverage on 6 channels that are on basic cable.  And I think there's web content for some of the lesser seen events, too.  I think ABC/ESPN are the only other network groups that could offer anywhere near the programming.  In their case I think I've got about 4 or 5 networks on my cable that are under that Disney/ABC/ESPN umbrella.

My love/hate relationship with the Olympics...

I will watch just about any competition that they will air (live or memorex) that is an objectively measurable test of skill, speed. point scoring or ability.

If it involves crossing the finish line first, scoring the most points by hitting a target or putting a ball in a net, etc. then I will sit mesmerized for hours.

If it involves "judges", I don't care how athletic the competitors, it is mere exhibition and a waste of air-time.   I don't care if a "judge" from xyz country has it in for the "athletes" from abc country or if somebody fell down during 'warm ups' while worrying about their dog that was recently diagnosed with an undescended testicle that may require a fund-raiser, hours of prayer, perhaps a protest or two and 2 hours of commentators in near tears over the whole ordeal.

I don't mean that to diminish the athleticism that the Gymnists and Synchronized smimmers and "Ice dancers" all obviously possess and yes I am sitting on my couch and not wathcing these while on the treadmill (so I am sure they are more fit than me), but if I am watching a competition it needs to be measurable and quatitative.  Other than that it is really just a bake sale.  I mean why not award a medal for opening Ceremony Entrance?  It seems like the USOC would try to make sure the "Biggest crowd" was a medal event as well as "most camera phones per capita" long as it was not a "class" competition it would be one more set of medals the 'mericuns' could act like we were entitled to. (And don't get me wrong I am a dyed in the wool patriot, I just think acting like we win the most medals cuz we are the best in a bit insincere, we enter the most events and I don't find it sporting to "Scoreboard" Grenada or Haiti if we win more medals than they do with their single entrant in the entire games)

My proposal... for Gymnastics... see who can do the most flips in a minute... or who can hang on to the rings the longest or for synchronized swimming, who can hold their breath the longest.

Let us not forget the "mythical" history of the Olympics, they were traditionally intended to be in many cases a test of martial skill, so that warring nations could basically have a dick measuring competition without killing each other and form alliances. (Measuring, not judging...again very objective).

I love the pagentry, the fact that many nations of the world attend and that no matter how heated the competition, they shake hands and for the most part respect their competitors.

I do miss the Cold War though, when there were "Evil Empires"...

So watching yes... changing channels frequently yes, I'm even setting the DVR to catch the good competitions while I am watching others.

Most interested in the shooting sports and track and field.  There is a Texas Tech Red Raider throwing the discus, so I will be cheering him on.

I watched Women's Handball today too, that was a different sport I've never seen before.


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