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2012 Summer Olympics

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--- Quote from: Matt_Fury on July 31, 2012, 01:09 AM ---BTW Nick, I understand how timezones work and that most of the NBC cable networks are showing events all day.  However, they are not showing the more popular events (swimming, gymnastics, etc) live. 
--- End quote ---

Yes, you understand timezones, but not television programming.  NBC appears to be saving the events with the higher level of interest for prime time when they can reach the maximum number of viewers.  And that has to do with the finances of them buying the broadcast rights for the Olympics.  They HAVE to show some of it tape delayed and in prime time in order to collect those ad dollars that help finance an incredibly expensive broadcast operation like the Olympics.

Right now, there are at least 4 networks with coverage airing RIGHT NOW.  Do you think if NBC was airing a swimming event that anyone would be watching Water Polo, Boxing, Fencing or Tennis which are all on right now?  Probably not.  In fact, it would probably hurt the ratings of those other events. 

Is the internet going to spoil some of those results for some?  Absolutely.  But not for everyone.  And that's probably because the casual viewers aren't so wrapped up in the games that they're going online to find out the results.  It's a very calculated risk.

I actually get into the Olympics quite a bit, particularly the summer ones.  It is sort of like "March Madness" time for college hoops, this once a year time (or in this case, four years) where there is nothing but sports on basically all day.  Plus, with the whole "country spirit" and everything involved, it makes a lot of things more interesting.

This year, there is a girl who grew up about five miles from me that is on the women's volleyball team.  It is a pretty big deal in the area where I'm from, so that's made that more interesting as well.  I'm always into the basketball....and have been watching everything from volleyball/beach volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, diving, tennis, etc.  The whole family sort of gets into it.  I do sort of get what some people say about "scored" events with judges like gymnastics or diving, I get annoyed with that as well.  Particularly when there is this athlete who can do all these amazing things, and then make a small "extra step" or something and the announcer immediately is like "ooooooh" in a tone like they just lost a family member.  Otherwise, really enjoy watching the games.

Without making this too "pit worthy", my favorite part of the games so far happened today.

The Saudi Female who competed in the Judo match today is a story I would suffer through during prime time.  Even if she got beat in less than a minute and half.

A young lady who wants to compete and went against bigger "odds" than just getting to the gym.  She was a blue belt and went against black belts, fearlessly.  That is the Olympic Spirit and it looked like everybody there supported her.

I will let you guys debate whether it was right to make a concession for her Hajib and all the other politicized aspects of it in the cesspool, ER uh Slime pit, Sarlaac Pit.

And if it turns out she and her parents did this for pure personal attention then I will be disappointed, as it stands though I say yay.

Ok Trampoline is an Olympic Sport?  With Judges even. 

This would be more interesting if it was again a measurable (objective standard).

Maybe it should be who can bounce the highest or farthest.  Not whether the Judge from Papua New Guinea thinks your flips and "preacher seats" are better than the competitor's from some other country.   And since it is a solo sport there is no chance for the Double Bounce.


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