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Jayson: get the drop on the "Wolf Pack" Ultimate Gift Set.

Looks like a decent set. The clean Wolffe is cool, and it's nice to see the lightsaber gauntlet packed with Plo Koon again. The crappy articulation, movie-style rifles, and lack of jetpack plugs are lame though. Since I'm still a sucker for the Clone Wars stuff, I'll probably pick this up. Hopefully the price is decent, like $20-$25.

This wasn't the 'Wolf Pack' I was thinking of.

Well, I may just be skipping the carded Phase II Commander Wolf, now.  I wish the 'troops had a bigger image of it so that we might be able to discern any differences between this version and the carded release.

Is this another WalMart exclusive like last year's Ultimate Gift Set?


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