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Wolf Pack Ultimate Gift Set

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The troopers look to be "new" repaints, while Wolffe and Plo look like straight re-packs to me. That still makes it better than the last set.

Guessing this will hit around the holidays, probably Walmart.

So we got an extra BP and multipack for this year, that is a step up. I still want that fourth Class I ship we were promised, though that seems unlikely to happen now.


--- Quote from: P-Siddy on August 16, 2012, 01:08 PM ---This wasn't the 'Wolf Pack' I was thinking of.

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Rune Haako:
Would've rather seen a Phase 2 501st set with Krell.

I take it that this is a Wal-Mart exclusive like the other Ultimate Gift set was?

This is a great example how Hasbro can bring out a neat set at low cost to them that collectors want. The troopers look like they have phase II helmets, and although I don't need the Plo or Wolfe, I will be happy to buy a set or maybe two just for the troopers.

Why not the soft goods deluxe Plo Koon.

Anyway, nice to see something new for CW. (I'll pass on unless it hits clearance, the reduced articulation was a deal breaker for me and the CW line.)


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