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bot wolffe himself off ebay, and i'll be d@med if i ever noticed in the cartoon the he has grey armor instead of white.

funniest thing tho is that i have Wolffe standing next to the Old Repub trooper and how polar opposite they are.  the humongus bucket head on scrawny body for Wolffe, and the puny melon on the defensive lineman body for Old Rep trooper

Jesse James:
TOR Trooper's armor is intended to be very bulky and clumsy compared to Movie troops due to the time elapsed from TOR to AOTC/OT.  I thought it was pretty slick they put some effort into making things look older, heavier, less sleek.  :)  Ships and everything else really are similar.

Familiarity, but obvious age.

got mine today from HTS

$21.59 on amazon right now:

now $15.11 on amazon


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