Author Topic: Bounty Hunter 4 Pack For Trade  (Read 537 times)

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Bounty Hunter 4 Pack For Trade
« on: August 8, 2003, 03:32 PM »
I have 1 extra Bounty Hunter 4 pack for trade. This is in a US MISB.

I need the following MOC Gold Saga cards:

Snowtrooper-Battle Of Hoth.
Darth Vader-Throne Room.
Luke Skywalker-Throne Room Duel.
Han Solo-Flight To Alderaan.
C-3PO-Tatooine Ambush.
Jango Fett-Kamino Escape.
Padme' Amidala-Secret Ceremony.   :'(
Princess Leia Organa-Imperial Captive.

Also need Clone Wars Jedi Knight Army 3-pack.
Screen Scenes: Geonosian War Room (Nute Gunray, Shu Mai, Passel Argente), Jedi Council (Mace Windu, Even Piell, Oppo Rancisis), Jedi Council (Yarael Poof, Depa Billaba, Yaddle).

If you have what I need & you need the BH 4 pk, drop me a PM & lets work out a deal.  ;)

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