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So is Medicom killing the Kubrick Star Wars line...???

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I got tired of waiting, so I figured out how to get a message to Medicom.  Will see if they come back with any useful information - I hope the language barrier is not an issue.  I got a good chuckle from the auto-reply message:

--- Quote ---This time, the customer contact Medicom toys Co. , Ltd. , Thank you for. As shown below, the contact will be accepted. Your reply from the person in charge. Please wait for a while. Indeed, Saturday, Sunday and holidays holidays and holidays we have. Please ask.
--- End quote ---

Here was the reply I received the last time I checked in with their PR guy (Dec-2012).

--- Quote ---Dear Jeff,
Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for our belated reply.
We cannot inform you items which we have not announced officially
so please keep an eye on our website which will update new item information.

Thanks and best regards,

--- End quote ---

Let's hope your e-mail gets something more informative from them, Justin. :P

I'm in "Please wait for a while." status, but will let you know what I hear.  It would be a shame if these were truly done for good.   :-\

Looks like Kubricks in general may have gone the way of the dodo.  On Medicom's site, all you see announced over the last year or so (?) are Be@rbricks, apart from the odd Star Wars con exclusive like the Imperial Guard guy.


Got my official reply from Medicom today.  Not sure how much stock I'd put in this, but it does offer a flicker of hope...

--- Quote ---Dear Justin,

Thank you for your inquiry.
We cannot give you specific information
but we do have plans to release the next series of KUBRICK STAR WARS in the future.

best regards,
--------------------------------- MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION
3-22-5 Uehara Shibuya Tokyo 151-0064
--- End quote ---


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