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So is Medicom killing the Kubrick Star Wars line...???

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Thats good news. Maybe it was a licensing delay this whole time...?

Ooops!  Apparently there is another....

space monkey:
Earlier this month I made mention at kubricknation that the Winter Wonder Festival 2013 was set for 10th Feb and no sign of of a carded exclusive. 

Each WonderFest (both Summer and Winter) has had a carded exclusive Star Wars kub for the last 3 years but there was nothing this Fest, which has obviously now come and gone.

I did a search around the blogs for photos of Medicom's booth but the best I could come up with was from Medicom's own site:

Not exactly the best pictures but it's my impression there were no kubricks shown. Usually you can capture a glimpse of them (as well as the be@rbricks) in front of or behind the RAH's on their respective blogs and forums.

BBTS also has all the WonderFest 2013 exclusives to purchase and only RAH's from Medicom.

Not completely on topic, but I just did a search of sold auctions on ebay. Definately some surprises there. Hoth soldier chase can still be had around $150, but the only hammerhead on the list sold for $500  :o.  I think they underproduced the last couple of series, but that hasn't caused a corresponding jump in the price of the basic sets from those series.

man, so nothing for 2012 and so far the same is true for 2013... sad. I hope we get something by the end of this year. 


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