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2013 Movie Heroes Basic Figures (Yoda cardback)

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Carded images on Ebay (8 of them, anyway) (buy it now prices of $34.99 to $39.99  :o ).

Jango now has a new removable missile firing pack, but is other wise the Evolution figure. I kinda wish they'd recolored him a bit more blue-grey.

Saga era Obi-Wan includes a new hat spring action launcher.

Thanks Scockery.  Here's a link to all of the pictures from Ebay. 

Jesse James:
That pack if its what I'm thinking, is off the TVC Jango.  Does it have the wrist spikes?  Might just be a straight TVC repack.

Looks like Evolutions.  Since the missile really shoots, the pack is either new or from the Movie Heroes Boba Fett that so far only appeared overseas.

Steal the picture...

Hard to believe there's no clone in this wave.

Got my case of the 2013 Movie Heroes figures from Toy Palace yesterday. Like I've said elsewhere, I would have happily bought multiples of the light-up Sandtrooper and the blast-apart Battledroid. Hopefully those will find a home elsewhere. I would have loved the Boba/Jango Fett figures with the missile firing back-packs, but since those are just different accessories, I'm not as disappointed about missing those.


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