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NECA really has done some great work with all of their licenses.  The Predators all look pretty awesome when I see them in store.  Hell, I even like what they've done with the Engineers from Prometheus!

I'd love to see them take on some other licenses.  A NECA line for Game of Thrones would be amazing!

You guys seen this?

**** yeah!!!

That is so ******* cool.

I LOVE the folks at NECA.  They just get it.

Jedi Idej:
NECA's kicked ass on this line. Not into buying a scale other then the 3-3/4" otherwise I'd be all over these. I did get the predator hound 'cause that actually works well as a beast in my little Star Wars world.

yeah the wall is cool.  I think they are expecting it to retail for around $50 and they will only be doing one run on it so it will be limited.  Also is expected to only come with the big T-rex type skull.  And they said TRU will NOT be carrying it - no word on who will be yet.   


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