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new tru 2 pack coming soon

well the guy I purchased Elder Predator from on ebay still has not shipped my item and I bought it on the 18th.  I kind of expected it would take him a while though because he was saying he was going to wait ship it until all of his auctions ended.  Ok, I can understand that.

Oh but wait, guess what?  I went and looked at where the items are shipping from and he is listed as...  can you guess it???   NY, NY.................  I am betting I am going to have to file with ebay on this one to get my money back on it.  I am thinking this seller might have bigger issues to deal with other than ship me out my figure...

Oh snap...well, I guess it depends on where he is in NY. I'd give it a day or two...he might just not have power.

Back on the 1st he wrote me this in regards to me asking him if he was going to be able to ship the item.  I was also sympathetic towards the situation of everyone over there - I didn't want to sound as if any problems he was experiencing paled in comparison to me not getting my Predator in a timely fashion.   :P   This is what he responded back with:

--- Quote ---Hey, yes, as soon as post offices open. I'm in NY, the hurricane has them closed.
--- End quote ---

So I waited and then I emailed him yesterday since there has still been no indication he shipped the item.  Today was the latest date that I should have received it by - this includes his already extra long time to ship he put in the auction.

Still no response so I think sometime tomorrow I am going to notify ebay so that they are at the early stages of being involved and I dont end up with nothing for my money.

I had some post office problems earlier this week, but that does sound a bit strange. I guess it depends on which part of NY he's in. If he's in lower Manhattan, he's probably in a bad way. If not, then who knows.


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