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Wall Paint in your collecting room.

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So I am toying with the idea of starting to set up ALL of my action figures - this is going to be an overwhelming task for sure.  These have always been toys at my house - so I will have to basically go over each figure and accessory and find out what goes with who.

Anyway, I am probably going to go with those track like adjustable shelves like this:

So first what color tracks and brackets should I use: black or white?
what color shelves:  black, white or a natural smooth wood (Alpine i think is what Lowes called it)

and then after those, what color wall paint?  Currently my entire house - 1550 sqft ranch with an almost entirely finished basement - is a darker off white color.  So I was thinking about changing the color in my kids playroom/aka my future display room.

My son is 9 and he rarely touches the action figures anymore and my collection is becoming overwhelming - I need to do something with it.

Perhaps I should take some pics tonight of the room in question and post them here...

Also FYI, I am going to be displaying many different action figure lines - not just Star Wars.  Just wanted to throw that out there in case for some reason it impacts decisions.

All I can say in regards to wall paint is that the lighter the color the larger the room appears...

here are some pics of the room.  I will need to upgrade my lighting in there.

This is the room from an entry view - I plan on putting shelves all across the wall with the Marvel poster on it:

Here is the back corner of the room.  all of these fabric bins are basically filled to the top with action figures separated by line.  I might move out the bookshelves and build more shelves here:

And finally the other wall to the room, with more bookshelves.  most of what is on this bookshelf is my daughters stuff.  I will probably get rid of the old TV and all the stuff with it in that area.  Again, maybe moving the bookshelves from this section.  You can see the entry to this room on the left of this picture.  Basically it is just a large opening with no doors - though I might be able to add French style doors (I think that is what they are called) to it later.     

Dressel Rebel:
Hrmm, the way it turned out in the room that I have my figures in is that the shelves, figures and vehicles take up so much of the wall space that you can barely see any wall behind them.  That said, I always thought black would look cool.  Black walls, black shelves.  When I finish my basement I think that's what I am doing in my collecting room.

I don't think wall paint is quite so much the issue in a collection room.  Generally speaking, lighter colors do aid in making a room look bigger.  However, with a collection, the lighting can make a dramatic difference in how your displays look.

Track lighting that you can focus on your shelves is a great start.  But with LED lights, you can also set up some lighting on the underside of shelves that will really make your displays look great.  It's a little bit of an investment and will take a little work, but you're sure to like the results.


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