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Wall Paint in your collecting room.

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Awesome!  Looks great man.  How long are those boards?  I am looking forward to/dreading refilling the shelves with individual figures...

I have four shelves that are 96.5 inches long and 16 inches deep - these are the "short shelves".  The other 4 shelves, aka the "long shelves," are 157 inches long by 16 inches deep.

and yeah, I thought I had plenty of room.....

and then my Indiana Jones collection took up nearly 3/4 of one of my "short" shelves - and I kinda crammed stuff in!

vehicles take up a lot more space than one might think...

I like the colour of paint you chose for the room, it should create a nice contrast between the wall and the figures.  I'm going to be starting my new Star Wars room soon and have the same type of shelving to put on the walls.  I look forward to seeing your collection come together!

Those are some massive shelves!  I couldn't even get those down my stairs.  I'm sure they will fill up fast, but really nice to have long interuppted space like that.  Congrats on making progress!


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