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Thanks guys, glad to hear someone found these at least. I just got back from another Walmart this morning and once again there was NO sign of any of these things. And I mean not even a shelf tag, empty shelf space, empty pallet or anything. I just can't believe these things would have all disappeared THAT quickly. I even stopped by the Customer Service desk and asked and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Were they located on an endcap, standalone island, with the regular SW toys, or what?

I plan to hit a few more places today, so fingers crossed I get lucky. I just want to find an assortment with the single carded Mandalorian Warrior, if one in fact exists. (Still hard to verify exactly what assortments are out there)

The sets I saw were just randomly placed... one was in a shopping cart and one was lying on a shelf in the appliance section. I imagine the sets started out as part of an island display as that looked to be how most of the BF merch was set up.

I went to two WMs here in MN.  At one the toys were staged in infant clothing.  Just one tray of Avengers and one of CW.  at the other I found them atop some island pallets randomly located near toys.  No sign of the avengers one

Went to two Wal-Marts

"Ghetto" Wal-Mart (not that bad, just small) had GOBS of them, Avengers, Clone Wars 2011 and 2012, Movie Heroes and Saga Legends.

The super Center had 6 Clone Wars (2011 and 2012) and 4 Avengers ones left.

Hard to find Clone Wars figures were gone or not to be found (the 2012 releases  I saw were all the same 8 figures), except in the 2 packs I found.

Here's the two I got:
Aquad Droid
Commander Wolfe
Sasee Tinn
Obi-Wan Kenobi (2011)
Shirtless Savage Opress
Stealth ops Clone
Trooper Hevy in training gear

Shaak Ti
Trooper Hevy In training gear (again)
Clone Trooper Draa
Quinlan Vos
Boba Fett
Undead Geonosian
Cato Parasitti

That was it, there was more diversity in the 2011 packaged stuff, though the two packs I found were heavier on scarce releases. No single carded Mandos or season 3 Ahsoka.

Saga Legends assortments were similar but not set in stone, best I could find was one with 4 army builders, Chewbacca....sucky Vader and Grievous and some  other character. It amounted to paying $5 each, because the Vader and Grievous suck so I passed. Saw no later 2011 trooper, ds trooper, stormtrooper...

Avengers stuff seemed totally random...given 3 different lines to pick from, not surprising. Some sets were tempting, but I don't collect Marvel. Figures I never saw before Armored whiplash, Red skull, Crossbones, Destroyer, comics Iron Monger

Now to decide what to keep.  :P

Awesome sauce, I finally found these at today 2 different Walmarts. The first one had 3 different sets, all SOTDS, scattered amongst a couple of different shopping carts at the end of the toy aisles. None of them were particularly exciting though, about the most interesting figure was a Kit Fisto. I debated for a few minutes and finally decided to pass.

I did find some much better assortments at the next Walmart though, and they were actually in the original display stand, so there was a good selection. I ended up grabbing three different ones, interesting that the packaging style differs for the SOTDS figures versus the Darth Maul packaged ones.

the first wave Maul figures (Shirtless Savage, Bane, Yoda, etc...mainly as I wanted a Chewbacca to open)
the second and third waves of CW figures (Scuba Ahsoka, Wolffe, etc, best assortment of the bunch IMO)
the SOTDS set with Baby Boba, Quinlan Vos, Cato, etc...

These are great values, esp the Wolffe/Scuba Ahsoka set, but one downside is they seem to have glued the outer packaging to the actual cards in several places, so if you were hoping to keep them minty you can't really extricate them. Also makes it harder if you were planning to trade or resell any of the individual figures down the line.

Still, super happy to have tracked these down and was overall very happy with my purchases  today.


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