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--- Quote from: Jeff on January  7, 2013, 09:46 AM ---I got that same PR note this AM.  I am glad that they finally issued a full release.

RIP Build-A-Droid pack-in.  Hopefully some day they will find a way to bring it back again...  :-\

--- End quote ---

Hell, just take the droids and make them mail-aways... I'm not so worried about how they are distributed, I just want the figures to keep coming.

I did like this part of the release:

"rework our 3.75 figure program to create a line that is on-par with the quality and pricing of the Vintage Collection."

Sounds like we don't have to worry about those unarticulated battlepacks becoming the norm.

As I looked through my local Target's reset, it made me think about how bad a year Hasbro had last year in particular for boys toys.  Kre-o has been rotting for two years to the point where I see no shelf space dedicated at Target.  Spider-Man sucked for them.  Star Wars had distribution problems up the ying yang.  TPM did not take off, Battleship bombed, GI JOE got bumped.  Add it together and it is no wonder if the 3D releases and Disney just pushed the uncertainty beyond acceptable risk. 

Good point.  Avengers was huge for them though, and I believe that one huge line can sometimes carry everything else.

Yeah, it seemed like it was just a crap year for action figures in general.  I can't say I was seeing that Batman stuff flying off the pegs either.  Aside from the Avengers stuff (which seemed to do great), and some of the more collector focused stuff (Marvel Legends seems to sell pretty well, but doesn't come in all that often), it seemed like a pretty slow year for action figures.  Lots of the same stuff on the pegs all year long between SW, Spidey, Batman, lack of Joes, etc.

I don't get the whole batman thing...the Nolan films are great, but do kids really watch or like these?  I'm pretty liberal about what I show my and 6 and 8 year old (we saw Raiders in the theater) but I would not let them see the Dark Knight.  The Joker is (awesome) terrifying, and psychotic.  I understand that "Batman" as a whole, sells, but are kids really clamoring for a Bane figure?


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