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The winds of change are blowing again...   :-\

I really, really hope the decision to re-ship 2012 Waves 4, 4.1, and 5 in early 2013 doesn't mean bad things for the Legacy BAD stuff.

They can't possibly be considering FOUR lines at retail at the same time (CW, MH, TVC, BAD), can they?  Something's gotta give... 

Maybe Hasbro is pushing the BAD line back until Fall, or starting it in late Spring with a different wave? Now that the 3D re-releases are set for next Fall, they might have realized kicking the year off with an AOTC-heavy wave might cause the same issues we had this year with the TPM vintage wave.

Jesse James:
Interesting thought of basically the start of the year being nothing but repacks from last year.  I'm not upset by THAT idea really.  As noted in Vinty I'm more annoyed by some of the choices.

Starting later with BAD might be ok.  Wonder what it means for shows like TF and SDCC though?

Yeah, I'm curious what will happen with the BAD waves as well.  I was sort of thinking that the online retailers would usually have had them up for preorder any time now, and I haven't seen anything yet.  Like Jeff mentioned, I really hope they aren't planning on having yet another line out there at the same time.  It seems like there are already too many as it is.  I guess it is nice that TVC is sticking around and giving people a chance that may have missed those figures, but I think personally I'm pretty much caught up with what I want, so if BAD does get delayed, it might be a pretty significant break for people like me (which I guess is alright too).

I can easily say that I would be severely disappointed if BAD gets pushed back to end of next year.  I was able to acquire most of the figures on the TVC re-release list (except for Bespin Han Solo) either through trades or by humping my retailers.  So, if there is nothing to offer in the realistic line in 2013 except for re-releases of 2012 product, then I may have absolutely nothing to collect in 2013 (because I now know not to look forward to any cool Clone Wars releases), and that will SUCK HARD!!  So, if this is indeed the way things will be going, then 2013 will be worse for me than 2012 was - and that it is hard to imagine. 



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