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Jesse James:
Money saved though, is always good...  Right?  Lulls have always been difficult times.

Perfect timing for me to focus on getting caught up on Lego.

I'm perfectly fine with the TLC2013 line being delayed.  Until Hasbro gets this inventory mess sorted out with the remaining cases of The Vintage Collection, the works are going to get gummed up.  Let them work it out and get the distribution system running correctly.  And then we can *HOPEFULLY* get back on a regular schedule where we see a new wave at retail every 4 - 6 weeks.

However, I'm disturbed to see some Star Wars collecting websites abandoning reason and throwing out alarmist nonsense like "THERE'S GOING TO BE NO NEW PRODUCT FOR 2 YEARS"!  Really?  Based on what?  If you want to call yourself an authority in the Star Wars online collecting community and you go spouting off nonsense like that, you'd better be prepared to back it up.

This bit of news from Hasbro regarding the return of TVC figures to the pegs took a lot of people by surprise, but it's far from unexpected. We knew from a number of statements from Hasbro that they had a tremendous backlog of TVC basic figure inventory. This was caused by Hasbro's massive miscalculation on the level of demand for the EPISODE I themed wave of Vintage Collection figures. And Hasbro has openly acknowledged that they over-produced the TPM wave and that had a ripple effect on subsequent waves of The Vintage Collection getting out to retail chains. This led to an overstock of later TVC basic figure waves in Hasbro's warehouses.

Hasbro also announced that they would be offering a great deal of TVC basic figure stock to closeout chains like 5 Below, TJ Maxx, Big Lots and others. But there were still at least 5 WAVES of TVC basic figures that followed the EPISODE I wave. So what to do with those? As much as I like buying TVC figures for $5 a piece at 5 Below, I can't see that chain and TJ Maxx being able to take on the tremendous backlog of stock that must have been the result of the TPM wave logjam. Hence this announcement that 2012's wave 4 & 5 will be returning to brick & mortar retail!

So where does that leave things? Very likely, we're probably going to see TVC basic figures continue to ship through the new year and Q1 of 2013. That gives Hasbro and the retailers about 4 months to try to work through this backlog of TVC stock. And Hasbro will probably transition over to THE LEGACY COLLECTION of basic figures & vehicles for Q2, which begins in April 2013. Plus, the way the toy business works, we usually see new licensed lines launch within a month or so of Toy Fair. And that takes place in mid-February.

I think the B-A-D waves were lie, only existing as mocik-ups, and Hasbro thought thought that Dec. 21 is the end of the world, but now are covering their butts as folks have noticed there's no new product to pre-order.  :P

I've missed a lot of figures I want from Vintage, so it's good to get more chances, but the bummer is that the 2 announced Legacy waves are so lackluster, that it's gonna be awhile before there's any new-new figures to look forward to.  :-\

People are spreading chicken little stuff. There'll be no new figures until 2014. Legacy has been scrapped. Disney wanted the BAD's for their park. No packaged Legacy figures have been seen yet.

Packaged 2013 Clone Wars has been seen, though.  The vehicles already appeared overseas.

Hasbro said Vintage was one their worst selling lines ever, so anyone suggesting they are scrapping Legacy to put the planned releases on vintage cards wasn't paying attention.


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