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Qui-Gon Jim:
Well said.  The league and as importantly, the players' union turned a blind eye to all this stuff.  The players that didn't take anything, but didn't complain about those who did are complicit as well.

It will be interesting to see what in-season HGH blood tests do to the numbers this year...

Jesse James:
Steelers suck and Pirates are in the playoffs and won, Dogs and cats, living together...  mass hysteria!

I suspect a lot of Steelers fans have jumped on the Pirates bandwagon. Can't say I blame them.

Jesse James:
Eh, Steelers fans don't really leave their team though...  Their ratings, even in down times, are good.  Their attendance, even in down times, is good.  Hell, there was some argument to this point recently and a local sports reporter pointed out that a Steelers per-season game had higher ratings than a Pirates game that had actual consequences the same night.  It is what it is here.  As a Penguins fan, I learned that quickly when a regular season Pens game was getting glossed over because an off-season Steeler had a broken pinky or whatever.  The Pirates were a more comical footnote till this year to most, save for those of us old enough to recall when they were good.

I think the Pirates are just basically a bandwagon thing, period, at this point then.  The last time they were in the playoffs was 1992...  I wasn't in high school yet.  Many here have never really seen them win.  Tough to fault anyone for not caring under those kinds of circumstances.  Vikings and Browns fans, where ya at? :)

I went through lean Steelers years, and I can tell you first hand that the Steelers were still the premiere team in the city.

Oh yeah, I didn't mean to imply that anyone was hopping OFF the Steelers bandwagon, I know those fans are among the NFL's best. I just meant that there seems like a resurgence of baseball enthusiasm in that town, and the combination of an up year for the Pirates and a down year for the Steelers is only fanning that. I can't remember the last time I saw so many people so psyched to be at a Pirates game! Good for them.


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