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Got my revised ticket information over the weekend and the schedule has been released, so time to roll this over to a "real" NHL thread.  :)

Got my tickets for Saturday vs. the Avs.  Also printed off tickets to go see the free scrimmage (Wild v. Houston Aeros) this Wednesday.  A free night of hockey to get to know the new players, free $10 in concessions, and 50% off gear at the hockey lodge store (limit one sweater per person).  Might have to break down and pull the trigger on a new Granlund sweater if I can get one for 50% on Wednesday... 

Nice.  We're getting 25% off at the Jets Store for the week, then that's it.  Don't even have to be a season ticket holder to get the discount either.  I guess that's what you see happen when you're building is sold out and you've got 8000 on the wait list. 

Our hockey draft is tomorrow night for the games with our season ticket group.  I've got second pick so I'm taking the Pens on January 25th.  I'll only get six games this season due to the lockout.  I had a great schedule for the regular length season, let's see if I can duplicate that success. 

Jesse James:
Similar thing going on in Pittsburgh...  I think half off in the store, and then there's some kind of free concessions thing going on, on select food and drinks, but since I probably won't make a game this year at all I didn't even think about it.

I'd love to get to one, if I could, but I think tickets are going to be pretty nuts with the shortened season and all.  :-\

Pissed at True North right now.  They went to swipe cards for seats instead of printed tickets.  So the OCD collector in me is miffed at losing out on a souvenir.  Whatever as I can find a program to print simulated tickets. 

But starting next year they're charging us $2.50 per seat to print tickets.  As in print tickets at home.  As we're part of a group, we need to do that because shuttling the two swipe cards between 7 guys is going to be a huge pain in the ass.  Overall pretty ******* lame to slap that fee on there.  Already rumblings that it violates the season ticket holder agreement by increasing our ticket price above the allowable amount (yes, there is an annual 3% ticket increase in there every year) because this is equivalent to another 2.5% increase in fees associated with the games.   

Announced two days after the MOU was signed.  Classy gesture.   ::) >:(  We get less than everyone else and charged more because they can, no other reason.  Maybe the PA was right about the owners.   :-X

That is a pretty swindly move. The Lightning went to cards this year too. But we can email or print tickets and give them to anyone. If you are in a group you can ask for extra cards and your agent will put each person in the groups games on separate cards.

I am sure once the find out about True North's bs, that might change down the road. But I thought it might be a one year deal to save on reprinting tickets knowing there was going to be a lockout.


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