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Jesse James:
You got Rupp.  I wish we had Rupp back.  He's a tremendous locker room guy even if he's aging a bit.

Jesse James:
Just wanna say what a bunch of dirtbag fans the Islanders have...  By far the most ignorant in the sport.

Not like the penguin fans...

Jesse James:
I'll take a couple hockey hoes over the half-assed crowd applauding a guy on the ice bleeding profusely.  **** even I was worried for DiPietro when he got popped because I knew he wasn't ready for a real fight, and I wouldn't applaud a guy getting hurt.

Islander fans cheered Crosby on the ice bleeding after a puck hit him solid tonight.  Not even sure Philly fans would've acted like that.  Seriously. 

I'm much more tolerant of girls being glaring hoes if they feel like it. :)  I think the only ones with applicable anger to that would be her mother and father.

Ouch.  What a horrible thing to happen to a great young defenseman.  :(

If I'm a Sens fan, I'm really bumming today.  Hopefully Karlsson will be able to make a full recovery.  I'd hate to see a top young D-man taken out by a cheap injury like that.


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