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Jesse James:
I'd agree on the accessories...  I think if these were sorta like that Ultimate 12" Luke (obviously not different outfits), they'd be more appealing to a broader collector audience...  A lit saber, saber hilt, gloved and non-gloved hands, a removable blaster holster for the hilt and his blaster incase you wanted him to have a different look and a place for all his gear...

The helmet having a sort of functional chin strap would be awesome too.  I think a Tatooine/Death Star Luke could've been epic like that.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on February 17, 2013, 11:32 PM ---I think a Tatooine/Death Star Luke could've been epic like that.

--- End quote ---

Farmboy Luke.  Now that's one I thought of, too, after I posted my previous comments.  If Hasbro wanted to go for iconic, then there is nothing more iconic than Luke in his farmboy outfit, right? 

I guess it's just a reflection of how I see the saga, but when I think of Luke, I don't usually picture him in his flight suit first.  But Hasbro is fond of making Luke in that outfit; so I guess it's fitting that they went for this one. They're also quite fond of making that Sandtrooper, so I guess that's fitting, too.  They're just not my first choices; but I guess that really doesn't matter.  If the line is successful, then they'll get to my first choices eventually.   ;)

My first choice?  From the OT, I want Bespin Han.  Hands down.  When I was a kid, he was my hero; and I have always loved his Bespin look.  From the PT, I would want ROTS Anakin.

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Star Wars 6-inch figures



I just hope that the SDCC Fett/Solo 2-pack is readily available since that may be the first offering of the figures.  If it's hard to come by, I think Hasbro could shoot their own feet off for those that want it to add to their collection of 6" figures.

I saw Previews magazine (which is usually at the high end of retail pricing due to selling product direct to smaller comic shops) has the 6" figures SRP'd at $119.96 for a case of four, which works out to $29.99 each.

#bendover  :-X


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