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Previews has historically been an OKAY source of information, and not much else.  You might be able to get an initial image of a new product there, but very little else.  I've used it for information in the past.  But when I was depending on my local comic shop for a good deal of collecting goods (notably Gentle Giant), I also looked into the pricing situation on Hasbro goods.  And when it comes to Hasbro, Diamond is NOT competitive.  Why?

Because Diamond Previews pricing on Hasbro offerings has always been on the high side.  It has forced the retailers (comic & collectibles shops) to price figures at least 25% higher than you would see in more traditional brick & mortar retail outlets.  Simply because they can't compete with the WalMart's, Target's and TRU's of the world from a volume standpoint.  Given that backstory with Diamond Previews, I think it's very safe to assume that the Black Series 6" figures will be priced much closer to $20 each at the traditional retail channels that most of us rely upon.  Thinking otherwise is bordering on alarmist. 

But then, there's plenty of alarmist nonsense going around with some sites talking out of their asses about the Black Series 6" figures only being available in North America.  Hooboy!   ::)

Jesse James:
I think $20's high myself as well...  $15 seems more fair to me.  I think $10's high on any 3.75" figure, regardless of quality.  I think $8's more fair and in line with where they need to get those figures.  Price hikes came, the line's sales declined.  I don't think that's any mystery or coincidence.  Add in distribution woes primarily due to retailers bailing, poor case-packs on Hasbro's part, and slight declines in quality coinciding with the hikes, and to me WHY we are where we are in terms of the status of the Star Wars 3.75" world is not the grand mystery it's made out to be to some.  Oh, and splash in a pinch of no films and a TV show's steady decline in popularity.

It is what it is...  Hasbro can right the ship but I honestly don't think this Black Series is what will do it.

$15 I think would rope a LOT more folks into 6" figures.  People on the fence would fall to that side a lot quicker if they're a good bit less.  At $20 they're really more a premium line, and I already don't want to start a new collection of a wholly separate line of toys at an even more premium price.  The Carbonite block is also the only interesting thing I've seen so far, really.  The rest...  they're not really higher quality than the 3.75" versions I already own.

Qui-Gon Jim:
I agree 100% Jesse.

Jesse James:
If Hasbro did more of these "tag-alongs" on a figure's development and production, they probably could quiet some of the more nitpicky gripes.  **** happens in production.  **** happens FOR production.  To mass produce, compromise seems a necessity, and that doesn't even take into account unforeseen problems arising.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on May 30, 2013, 02:07 PM ---I think $20's high myself as well...  $15 seems more fair to me.  I think $10's high on any 3.75" figure, regardless of quality. \

--- End quote ---

They sure as hell shouldn't cost more than your average NECA figure given the scale and quality.


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