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I feel like the Star Wars action figure line should be 3 3/4" scale, since that is sort of what started it all - and at this point, many people have so much invested in that scale with figures, vehicles, beasts, playsets, and displays in general.  That being said, I've been thinking for awhile that a 6" collector line would probably come along at some point, and I'd be ok with that too.

Like everyone else, I'm low on display/storage space too so that would be a big consideration for me if this line came about.  However, I've been buying Marvel and DC stuff in that scale for years now, and do enjoy it (aside from the space they take up).  If they did a "Legends" style line, I think it should be kept very limited (20 or less per year), and if they came out of the gate with some OT characters (and they were well done, of course), I'll admit I'd likely bite on at least some of them.

Prior to the Disney/Episode VII announcement, I was sort of thinking that a Legends line might be the shot in the arm that the brand needed.  Now, it might be neat, but I would hope things would be back to 3 3/4" by the time the new movies hit (or, more likely, they'd have both scales running at once).  The one thing I would worry about some is that it seems like Hasbro is slowly shifting to the Mattel model with boys action figure lines, where they put out a cheap, small scale line "for kids" that is mostly crap and then have a more limited (and often harder to find) Legends scale line for "collectors".  I know when we get to the point of the new trilogy (and its toys) hitting, I'd be most interested in the 3 3/4" figures, vehicles etc., and I hope they don't start cheaping out on that line.  Figures like the BP Bespin Luke are one thing (despite the lack of articulation), but if things start looking like the Ultimate Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises, Green Lantern, or upcoming Iron Man 3 stuff (that we've seen) in that scale, yikes.

While I don't know enough about it, this is what I am thinking.  The money examples I am going to give are only examples......perhaps tooling a 3/34 figure costs 1.00, and production costs 1.00 but that figure will cost 9.99 at retail, but few people want to spend 9.99 on a 3/34 inch figure.  Maybe 6 inch tooling is 1.20, and production is 1.20, but they can charge 12-15 and no one blinks.  It really might just come down to profit margin.  Hasbro is always talking about "perceived" value, like all the packs in and crap. Perhaps a new scale, even though expensive, would seem to be of much higher value.

Again, I am speculating out my ass.

For me, right now,  I'm not going to buy most 3/34 figures unless they are at least 50% new sculpt.  So, something new might be pretty cool. Granted I will always buy new 3 3/4 figs.  But they seem to be less and less these days.

Like Brian, I would probably buy a few OT characters (Luke, Han, Vader, R2) in a larger scale just for the novelty, but no way I could go all in on a new scale. I don't even have enough room for 3.75 inch figures anymore, and the last few waves are boxed up in my closet waiting for me to find time to get new shelves.

Jesse James:
I won't buy into a new scale like that of basically the same figures we have, just larger.  I want what's left to be made in 3.75" and to see an improvement on what's out there already.

And I can't say I didn't see this coming if it pans out.  :-X

I hope this news pans out, and I hope 6" figures do replace/become the "collector line". I have no interest in the scale, but it would be a fantastic point for me to call it quits on Star Wars. I have a long list of toys from previous years I want to pick up, and it's hard to do that while keeping up with new stuff. With a scale change, I would have no reservations about focusing 100% on older stuff.


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