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The Clone Wars - Season Six?

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I have read a lot of speculation that the show was moving to a Disney owned property, but I have yet to see any primary sources that quote anyone from Disney stating that.

That being said I think there is the potential for Disney to re-work how these are released. They may go with a 4-month direct to DVD release of each Arc (mini-movie) and charge 18-20 dollars for each 4 episodes and then lock them in the vault (120 dollars per current season without the production rush). (makes the speculation that an arc made for this season is missing now seem to make more sense) They could then use the old episodes at will on their networks and promote the new releases there.

Using this model they could essentially use the items they have in the can to last until the new movies start coming out.

I am happy for any plan that keeps these coming to us, I just fear Disney's greedy fingers working their way into my wallet.

Dish Network doesn't offer DisneyXD in HD  >:(


************.  >:(

I probably shouldn't be surprised at this point, but the 1-2 punch in the past few weeks since Toyfair with the toy line and show is pretty crushing.

They absolutely deserved a final season to tie up all the loose ends and set things in motion for ROTS. What about all the preproduction work they've already done for Season Six? How far did they even get, will we ever know?

And what about those damn "lost" Clovis episodes? If those aren't on the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD set that would suck big time.

I'm pretty much to the point that I wish LFL had never been sold, no new movies were ever announced, etc. Because I absolutely think that played a huge part in the untimely demise of the show. Frigging suits. They could have at least held off for another year. 

This was my favorite thing about SW since Jedi. Damn it.

My guess is that they will finish what has been started and release a BluRay/DVD set of the "Lost Episodes" and call it a day.

Maybe they'll also make a series finale movie that'll be direct-to-video as well.

Maybe it can move to Netflix.  Especially with the Disney deal recently


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