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The Clone Wars - Season Six?

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Okay, okay...while they look neat, note every concept art peice has to become part of the real Star Wars universe. If the show had continued, they'd run into concept art Chewbacca.

Did I see AT-AP's?

I hope this Sifo Dyas mystery arc takes another huge dump on some pseudo-established canon.

Jesse James:
Actually almost every concept art piece already HAS been established in SW EU somewhere...  :P  Clone Wars is just getting to it now.

LOL, that was snow?! I though they were concept sand troopers and they were on a desert planet. I hate watching clips on a $%^&* computer!

The arc looks like it could be amazing. As many times I have sat through the PT and really tried to grasp the overall plot, it always seems to unravel for me with Syfo Dyas. (Cypher Diaz would have been cooler, BTW) Are we supposed to know who this was? Was it an actual Jedi or just an alias like Lord Tyrannis? Or was it just somebody pretending to be a real Jedi who was named Syfo Dyas? If so, who was it? Dooku? Sidious?

It seems like a pretty major plot point to hinge on some nameless schmoe, so I'm really looking forward to a full explanation of what the heck is going on there.

Still hard to watch and not feel bitter over them not getting a proper Season Six. Not to mention all the amazing toys we'll never see now in their proper animated style.

Jesse James:
I don't think that's snow in the episode...  Forget the description but I'm pretty sure they said Sandstorm.

Lost "Yoda arc" teaser shown at Star Wars Weekends.


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