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Class II Ships - Ideas?

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OK, so the majority here seem to be in agreement that they hate the new Class II assortment.  The comically undersized Slave I, the hollow Republic Tank.  Not many of you are buying.

What could Hasbro put in this line (think smaller ships that would hit the $20 price)?

Would you pay $20 for something Bail's Speeder from ROTS?

Trandoshan Skiff from the Clone Wars show would be an excellent candidate IMO, too big for a Class I set but not as hefty as a true midsize vehicle. And collectors would be all over this I think, even realistic ones, it is that cool a design.

Gian speeder. Though, that might be too big now.

Better Zam Wessel speeder.

Anakin's airspeeder from ROTS. Again, might be too big.

Hoth Rebel transport speeder.

Luke's Landspeeder maybe with a bonus womprat or something.

Jesse James:
Some new Speeders...  Some EU or conceptual ideas could work.

For me it's all about the laughability of the undersized Slave-I and such.  You can get a cheap POTF2 Slave-I that's a billion times better looking next to a figure.  I just can't see that being a good idea.

I'd love seeing Zam's speeder, but you'd want that wrecked fender.  I dont' think they can do it at the price/cost they're wanting to.

Ani's though, Bail's...  i'd be cool with those for sure too, as both were a little lacking.  I think they can do better.

The Hoth Rebel tank is cool but obscure.  I'd be all for it though.  I'd dig a Hoth Radar Cannon tank thing they design on their own...  Like a small mobile version of the Hoth gun. 

Maybe a hybrid hover-AT-AT type design.  Take the angular armored elements of the Imperial walkers, but try making something like a small hover-tank.  Similar to the Vintage Stormtrooper Transport perhaps?  Something they could paint Hoth or Endor...  Believable, but small and affordable for the new Class II format.

At this point, I think movie ships, bigger ones, really need to be left to exclusives or a bigger line of ships for more money. Just my opinion.

I'd like to see something like the Platoon Attack Craft.

It would fit right into Hasbro's model for providing an alternative to a larger, cumbersome vehicle (MTT) for kids while still being able to haul around several figures. At this scale, I see it carrying about 7 battle droids (1 pilot, and 6 infantry) and have it feature a deployable rack (manually operated). The bottom/undercarriage could be essentially hollow like the Republic Fighter Tank to focus all of the detail/deco on the top side.


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