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Class II Ships - Ideas?

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There are definitely some options with this line if you open things up for some Hasbro interpretations of vehicle concepts.  And there are also the vehicles that just didn't make the cut at the time.

A Gian speeder from Episode I would probably work from a scale standpoint.  But it seems like all things Episode I have a stink about them with the exception of Darth Maul.

A Z-95 from Clone Wars might have this line as it's only option for a release.  The Z-95 is starting to see some screen time on the animated series, but I can't see Hasbro investing heavily in the tooling for that vehicle.  So this line and the Z-95 might be a good fit.

Anakin's Jedi Shuttle from ROTS really isn't all that big.  I think it would definitely work in this format.

Bail Organa's speeder *MIGHT* be an option since it's in a couple of action sequences between the Jedi Temple / Order 66, and rescuing Yoda following his duel with Sidious.  But there's definitely some issues regarding the appeal of the character.  The pegwarming Bail Organa of the TLC Blue era made that abundantly clear.

As for the OT?  I think you need to think even more EU/concept here.

A modern take on the Kenner Imperial Transport might be cool.  I think vintage fans would be into that.  Making it fit in what's likely to be a smaller packaging footprint might be a challenge.

A Hoth Rebel Tank definitely sounds cool, too. 

An Endor Rebel speeder of some sort might be interesting, too.

Rebel Assault Tank PX-10 (kind of like a Hiss Tank)
Republic Champion Speeder
Death Star playset sections (not really a ship I suppose)
Ewok Glider/Catapult combo
Dessert Skiff

Jesse James:
I'd like to see that Rebel tank...  There's  not a ton of documented EU rebel tanks out there.

I think a Desert skiff would be great, but the way things are, highly unlikely as anything but an exclusive for a premium.  Just my opinion, but seems likely that's how that would go, if it went anywhere.


--- Quote from: JediJman on January 30, 2013, 03:12 PM ---Dessert Skiff
--- End quote ---

What would you put on your Dessert Skiff?  A banana split?  :P

While I'd love to see a new Skiff in the Class II assortment, I agree with Jesse that Hasbro knows they could get away with that one for more than $20 as a store exclusive, especially if they go the POTF Kenner box with it.   I think I'd much prefer that if it meant they'd take the time to get the scale on it fixed like they did with the Speederbike upgrade.

Jesse James:
Floaty stand...  Be cool.


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