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Class II Ships - Ideas?

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The Dessert Skift would obviously come with Serving Tray R2 and a variety of small, but tasty cakes, pies, and lightsaber shaped popsicles.  Duh.

Damn JD Spell-Nazis

Rune Haako:
Techno Union Starfighter (Mankvim-814 light interceptor)

naboo tumbleweeds. They'll fit right in the wasteland that is the Star Wars toy section.

How about vehicles made of styrofoam and reduce costs.  Instantly some big name webmaster proclaims them as wonderfully nostalgic like the vintage GI JOE gliders and Kenner playset backdrops. 

Jesse James:
Was taking u seriously with mouth agape till I read the last bit and lol'd.  Yeah I kinda like progress.


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