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Your Hopes/Fears for The Black Series 3.75" Figures?

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In addition to solid articulation (I want the standard to be at least what the 2006 AT-AT Driver and Death Star Gunner figures have), I hope paint apps and plastic quality don't decline. The Class I vehicles I've seen so far are AWFUL in that regard, worse quality than the Indiana Jones line had. Hopefully that changes.

My greatest hope would be an all-inclusive line that very quickly covers the basic characters (Luke, Han, Anakin in iconic outfits) and brings in those last few remaining hold outs that have yet to be made. (15thCA, Cliegg Lars, etc) Something to get the toys set up to lead into the all new movie stuff.

I guess what I would like to see is a return to the OTC model, get a definitive line out there that can stand by itself as a collection of Star Wars figures with no need to borrow main hero figures from previous lines to make the collection feel complete. I don't mind having to borrow a Yarna from Legacy or Ben Quadrinaros from last year to bulk up the "one of everybody" loose collection. It would be nice and long overdue to have another line that could stand by itself, especially since this line is being put out as "for the collector."

I wouldn't balk at reissues of previous sculpts as long as they met the above criteria. I would want waves made up of twelve "new to the line" figures each. I would be happy with 4-5 waves a year, and maybe 10-20 of those figures being brand new, non-reissues.

I fear we will get the same old case ratios and the line will be difficult/impossible to collect like it has been these last five years.

I'd like to see them bring back

the hologram pack-in figurines but in new hot neon colours.

Spring action accessories.

Force Files

Enviroment battle stands that sort of connect to form nothing especially useful

Collector coins that you have to buy crappy figures to get all of.

Secret weapons!

I ruined my joke, I actually liked secret weapons.


--- Quote from: Scockery on February  1, 2013, 05:49 PM ---Collector coins that you have to buy crappy figures to get all of.

--- End quote ---

I love the original POTF coin set (one day the 63rd coin will be mine, damn last coin still eludes me), so coins would be the only thing to get my all in.

Force Guy:
With regards to the Black Series 3.75" line, I think that if the selection lacks any type of wow factor, and if Hasbro pumps out the same old uninspired crap (ie another Clone Trooper, another Anakin, another Obi-Wan, etc), they should just pull the plug on the entire 3.75" line.     


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