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6" Scale Vehicles, A Fool's Dream?

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Jesse James:
This was brought up to me...  I honestly cannot imagine Hasbro trying ANY vehicles save something tiny like a Speederbike.  Speederbikes are really not much more than a 2nd figure when you think about it.

Beyond that i'm not sure I could even see something like a Dewback or Taun-Taun...  I think this line would really need to take off before any vehicles were considered, and as it stands, I think this line's going to struggle to capture the numbers of people it'll need to sustain itself.

As someone pointed out, if it's been done at the 12 inch scale, 6 seems more than likely.  Speeder Bikes, Tauntaun, Dewback, Jabba.  Who knows.  I would be happier if the went the Sideshow route and offered environments.

Yeah, biggest vehicle I could see being done is Luke's Landspeeder. Watch them make the AOTC rickshaw droid and tick a bunch of people off.  :P

One of the guys hinted that vehicles might be possible.  But he did say don't expect a 6" Sail Barge.

Jesse James:

I'm still placing my bet that vehicles would only happen in the smallest possible choices, and that the hint was only made because they don't want to say out of the gate, "Yeah no vehicles".  I think they really want this to take off and so I don't think they'd say anything remotely negative about it right now.

Never know...  The Landspeeder I think is even too big unless tehy can find a way to make it very cheaply.


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