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6" Scale Vehicles, A Fool's Dream?

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I think a Speeder Bike makes sense. Other than that I wouldnt expect any. I would prefer a Taun Taun, Jabba, and a Wampa anyway.

darth broem 2:
It depends on what the come up with.  I would probably plunk down money for a Tauntaun and Wompa.  I doubt I would for vehicles like the X-Wing fighter.  I probably would for dioramas like what Sideshow does for it's 12 inch figures, but they won't go that route anyway.

Speeder bikes seem like the most reasonable possibility for this line.  I could easily see Hasbro do Maul's speeder bike from TPM.  Especially since they already did one in the 12" scale.

Funny looking back on this thread from 2.5+ years ago - we got that speederbike and Tauntaun folks were guessing.  Jabba too.  But who would have guessed that the "BMF" style, big ticket collector item for Episode 7 would be a 6" scale TIE Fighter?

Anyway, now that the door is WIDE open on 6" scale vehicles, anyone have a new "Fool's Dream" they are hoping for?  Obvious one would be an X-Wing to go with that 6" scale TIE...

Since the 6" figures feel a little less like toys and a little more like display pieces, I would be in favor of "environments" more than vehicles.  Seeing the 6" scale TIE Fighter reinforces my belief that these are going to be really hard to interact with as toys, and potentially really hard to display.

The only vehicle that I would love to see in this scale is a landspeeder, but if they do that they've got to make a C-3PO.

My quick thoughts on "environments":

* Jabba's Sail Barge (or palace) - would be great to have somewhere to display a bunch of the figures we have that fit this scene
* Death Star - maybe around the detention center, but you'll need to make a "Death Squad Commander"
* Hoth Base - I need a place for my Tuantaun and Wampa
* Mos Eisley Cantina - I would love to see a whole wave of cantina patrons (Hammerhead please) to go along with the release of this set
It would be cool if they made these environments with a pack in figure that we wouldn't normally see - e.g. Yakface with a Jabba's Sail Barge.


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