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Is the Han new?

Jesse James:
Glad people finally get this since I think it's been long desired. :)  Sweet they went Vinty with it.  Seems to me they're really trying to get as much out in Vinty boxes as possible...  wrapping it up nice and tidy?

By my eyes, I'm betting he's a repaint of the last Carbo Han block which was pretty slick, and never was painted solid.  Just melty.


Very happy to see this version of Slave I offered at last.  And I've REALLY, REALLY been wanting a new Han Solo in Carbonite for years.  The POTF2 one just didn't suffice. 

Based on the imagery from the showroom, I guess that none of the exclusives were on hand to be photographed.  The boxed photo of Slave I looks pretty cool, but I'd like to see more of it.  AND the Carbonite block.

Petty nitpick: they couldn't even get those Bespin Guards' hats to look right for the box photo. In fact, Lobot and Fett appear bewildered by them.


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