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Kmart Vintage Ewok Catapult w/Ewoks

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Jesse James:

Thanks man...  Gives me hope for 2.  I hadn't seen anything mentioned...  Kinda like the Scanner set isn't seemingly 2 Scanner techsn ow.  I prefer that though.

Yeah the one negative about this set is that it's a K-Mart exclusive. Closest K-Mart is 8 hours away. We do have a Sears Grand that stocks K-Mart exclusive toys but I got lucky finding the AT-ST and Ewok sets from last year... they restock the toy section about once a year I think.

Tha 'Scum is saying there's no pictures of the set because it wasn't the final product. They also say the Ewoks included are named "Chubbray and Stemzee"

So mark two of the ROTJ wish list....ha-ha.

Jesse James:
La Chupa Cabra?

Pictures at last!

Looks decent enough. Maybe the Ewoks could be more exciting, both in coloration and gear. They used one newer Ewok body at least.


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