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The Black Series 3.75" - 2013 Wave 1

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Let's see, it looks like Wave 1 will be:
- AotC Anakin
- AotC Arena Padme
- AotC Clone Sergeant
- Bespin Dinner Vader
- Biker Scout (looks like the one from the Bike?)
- Yavin Ceremony Luke
- X-Wing Pilot Biggs
- Clone Pilot

Jesse James:
Other than Biggs, Luke, Padme, and to a lesser degree the Clone Sgt. and Ani, this wave's not something I'll buy a ton of I think.  Definitely no duplicates, which is nice.  Get my few I want and I'm out.

I'm most excited for Luke, Padme, and the Clone Sgt, though I'll probably buy the Biggs and Vader as well. I'll pass on Anakin and the Scout unless I'm really impressed in-person. I'd love to get the clone pilot, but I will only pick it up if the visor paint is cleaned up on the final release.

Our pictures are starting to trickle into our image gallery.  Here's a look at the Hasbro press images for this wave:

Jabba the Slug:
I'm definitely more excited with the new revamped 3.75" line. The first wave, although not great, is definitely better than the boring first wave for BAD, which really saddened me.

I love love love the new packaging. ;D


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